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Who they are 1….Cheryl Cole

Posted on: October 23, 2009

As I am new to the UK I have absolutely no idea of how the local “celebs” are. So I thought I start investigating social Britain and decide on a “one-a-day” person, discovering personalities and making it easier for others to understand how things actually work here…

So…celebrity number one: CHEEERYL COLE 🙂

Now, the reason I start with her is because one of our lecturers brought her up a few days ago and from the puzzled look I gave him I think he might have thought I lived my whole life in a box in my mother’s closet…Here’s what Wikipedia says:

Cheryl Ann Cole (Tweedy; born 30 June 1983 just 5 years older than me:) ) is an English singer, songwriter, dancer, fashion designer, author, and television personality (oaaauuuuu she has a lot on her mind). Cole rose to fame in the 2000s after becoming a member of pop group Girls Aloud through ITV‘s  programme Popstars: The Rivals. They have become one of the few UK reality television acts to achieve continued success, amassing a fortune of ÂŁ25 million by May 2009. With Girls Aloud, Cole has been successful in achieving a string of 20 consecutive UK top ten singles (including four number ones), two UK number one albums, and received nominations for four Brit Awards, winning Best Single in 2009 for “The Promise.

In 2008, Cole became a judge on the British reality television show The X Factor (which apparently is the new black in the UK as everybody is taking about it). Cole has become recognized as a style icon, appearing on the cover of Vogue and Elle. She is married to the football player Ashley Cole (go figure…).

Cole will release her debut solo album 3 Words on 26 October 2009 (so soon).

Hmm… my opinion.: She’s a nice presence on the screen, pretty good voice, kinda sexy but  I’m sure to much publicity will destroy her really soon. Sorry Cheryl but things look quite messy from down here.


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