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BT vs Sky or something like that

Posted on: October 24, 2009

When we first saw the apartment we asked Accord Lets if it had a land line in and broadband to fit it. The answer: You’ll sort it up with a quick phone call when you move in.

Ok, so 2 months later we were pushing our two huge cases through the door. On the same day we made THE call…there was a BT (aka British Telecom) bill under our door so we presumed that there would be a BT line inside. After 45 minutes on the phone…45 minutes in roaming/international call as we didn’t have a UK number, the lady told me we needed a UK bank account to open a new line. We didn’t give up so the next day we started scouting for broadband. “1 week” said Sky, “6 days” said Virgin Media, “3 days!!!” said BT so guess who the lucky winner was… Today, 24th of October, 1 month and 10 days later 🙂 we finally have our own BT line with broadband.

Now, what happened was that we obviously didn’t pass the credit check considering we had been in the UK for 2 days only (they search this huge database to see if you have any unwanted records). That automatically meant we had to pay 25 pounds deposit (no big deal, I know). Well, it just seemed that a regular Romanian credit card was unacceptable so we sent a postal order to the headquarters. Yes, we did lose our money and still didn’t get it back because I repaid that amount after having my Lloyds Visa. But that is sooo not all. After one months of waiting we got our first bill..120 pounds for “new line installation”. Complaints, nerves, new order placed…Finally our line was on…just that we didn’t have the internet on our account. Again, costumer service, additional 5 days wait…

Just for the record…I AM planning a boycott against BT and you’ll see I’ll get something out of them 🙂

For the “thumbs up” of today: SKY television. Nice man explaining the process, place order, have engineer in 3 days, sky box up an running, no nerves, no complaints, no headache.

Conclusion: for the ones making a quick Google search, forget about BT as they are a bunch of incompetent sheep that could never handle a problem that seems a bit out of the box.


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