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Lord Mayor of Birmingham

Posted on: October 26, 2009

As I am working on a campaign for my PR module, I stumbled across a bizarre question to which I should definitely know the answer as a resident of this city and especially as a student interested in PR. So, I tried to find a few things about the mayor of Birmingham…starting with his name 🙂 Here’s what I found on the Birmingham City Council website:

Councillor Michael Wilkes

Lord Mayor was born in Brierley Hill, Staffs in 1941. He moved to Birmingham in 1968, living for two years in Moseley. He married Vivienne (nee Sawyer) in 1970 and they set up home in Hall Green where they have lived ever since. They have three sons and one granddaughter. Always interested in domestic politics and international affairs, intermittent helping out with Liberals at election time turned to major commitment with the formation of the SDP/Liberal Alliance in 1981.Satellite

This foto is soooo cute!!!

Prompted by Vivienne’s long interest in the life and works of JRR Tolkien, he has been active in promoting awareness of Tolkien (whose family were Birmingham people and who lived in Birmingham in his formative years) and his unique connections to the City. He currently chairs the Birmingham Tolkien Group.

Michael is immensely proud to be a citizen of Birmingham – and a Brummie by adoption! Both he and Vivienne, a Brummie by birth, consider it to be the greatest of honours to have the opportunity as first citizens to promote and serve the people of Birmingham, their industry and culture.

You can even contact him directly and as I heard he actually answers 🙂
Telephone (0121) 303 2040

Now, one thing I would like to ask him is if he was the one to decide the date of the BIG turn-on for the X-mas lights. Well, for the ones that don’t know, that is November 14…NOVEMBER !!! It’s more than a month before the actual holiday! I know (although I find it incredibly stupid) that all the stores and restaurants have already been decorated and the special products are already on shelves (and yes, many of them have an expiry date before December), but that doesn’t mean we have to get into the spirit in full autumn. The bright side about this is that we’ll have a very nice show on. Just one more strange thing about Britain 🙂


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