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Posted on: February 27, 2010

My favorite city in the world used to be Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Although so close to Romania and despite all the other amazing places I’ve been to (from Hawaii to South Africa and Russia), it felt like the place where I would want to settle down and raise my children :)It had it all for me: the history and the new, the buzz of a capital, the tourists and locals, the big river with the beautiful bridges, the food, the shopping and the green spaces… but last summer one other city managed to dazzle me and take Budapest s ‘number one place.

The trip to Barcelona was a birthday surprise for my 21st so from the start it meant a lot more than a sightseeing visit. Also, I love all about Spain and Spanish so I knew I would feel like home the moment we got off the plane. The heat, the smell of sea and salt, the colors and the music were absolutely fascinating. It’s something about the vibe that simply takes you in and you can do nothing to resist it. For a week we wondered the beautiful streets and gazed at the beautiful people.

We had all kinds of sea food and tapas (I strongly recommend the restaurant Fishop and Taller de Tapas for the delicious part of Barcelona), we visited some of the Gaudi places (if all the others are packed with tourists Guell Park is a must see no matter what) and we even had siestas on the beach in the warm breeze.

Some of my friends said they hated they Barcelona days, but for me it was like an energy pack. Their problem was that their company was completely wrong, this city is a place for pace, harmony and love 🙂 (I sound so hippie). So don’t visit it with a pack of shopaholics or a grumpy, tired boyfriend… pick somebody who won’t mind walking the whole day, sipping ice frappes and get his/her shoes dirty in the hot sand.

To end this, I’ll add some of my photos. I did them on B&W film with my Nikon and 50mm, 1.8… somebody said Barcelona should be photographed in color, but that’s exactly what I wanted to keep for myself, in my heart and memories, and hide from my viewers.

Park Guell – architecture and Gaudi

Tribidabo – fun, children and a bit of religion

The amazing guitars

The love, the sea and the sand

The history and the madness of the summer skies

…and an overall view.


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