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Paintings that changed the world…

Posted on: March 1, 2010

I meant to talk to you about a book I found in a London discount book store a few weekends ago: “Paintings that changed the world”.

Of course no painting has actually changed the normal course of life, but many have surely managed to change the way we see and understand it. The book is a great journey into the history of art from the Lascaux cave paintings, all the way to Picasso and the modern days, showing how simple representations can affect the way a certain aspect of reality is perceived.

Art, in its most simple form, has the great gift of showing someone’s “reality”. Even if you paint a pink sheep, that animal on paper would say something about your mood, your curiosities, your hopes… So by analyzing a work of art we can learn so much, not only about the artist, but about the society he lives in, the period of time, his education, family and historical events.

To give you just a short example, let’s take the Lascaux paintings. Before their discovery, it was thought that art in prehistoric times was as simple as a toddler’s scribbles. However, with the amazing walls in the caves that show great complexity in the colors and shapes, we can now see how important art was for their inhabitants. Also, by the subject of their paintings, we can see what their main beliefs were and how their life mixed with the world around.


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