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Spring away from home…

Posted on: March 1, 2010

This is the first year I don’t spend the 1st of March in Romania. Generally, it was a school day or just after the short holiday between semesters, so I had no escape from home. However, each year I waited for it anxiously…

In Romania and its neighbour, Moldova, the first day of spring is celebrated with Martisoare. They are small amulets (different shapes and made of all kinds of materials) with a red and white string around them. The fun and exciting part is that boys are the ones to offer them to girls (although in Moldova the operation is vice-versa).

Since I was in kindergarten I couldn’t wait to see what I would get for the day. Flower (mainly snowdrops as they are in full bloom), jewellery (not fancy and expensive stuff, but cute and funny accessories), cards or key chains, any kind of object would manage to brighten my day. Also, many said that, the more special the martisor, the greater the love and sympathy.

As all national and international holidays, the 1st of March is really ruined by it’s commercial aspect, but still it is in our hearts as one of the nicest days of the year.

There are so many traditions and superstition related to this day but there is one I never disregarded: from one of these amulets, girls pick a string and tie it around their wrists, where it stays throughout the month March. It is meant to protect her and keep away “black magic”. On the last day of it, a boy has to break it and put it in a rose… that would mean that the two will be together forever.

Sadly, this year I won’t wear mine… I wonder if the past 20 springs will make up for it.

Do the British celebrate the beginning of Spring in any way?

Here is a short video from the Moldavian legends:


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