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Tell me what adverts you make so I’ll tell you who you are…

Posted on: March 1, 2010

Can advertising say something about a society?

I think it can… Just to make things clear, I am not having an anti-UK post here, but this advert I saw a few days ago in the cinema, is absolutely annoying. How can you offer money for dreams? I know life is not as pink as I picture it (mine actually is gray with yellow spots) but come on, do we really have to show the world how materialistic people are ???

The clip actually starts nice, but the ending spoils everything… or maybe we are just some stupid creatures that live from one day to the other… I hope not.

I am a media ad PR student but honestly, I don’t care about Tesco’s intention, its audience or its message. When we build our campaigns we should remember that there are minds out there that are actually manipulated by advertising. We do end up living the marketing dream….


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