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2nd of March

Posted on: March 2, 2010

How do you know it’s spring on New Street?

1. it’s finally sunny

2. from Victoria Square till the Bullring you find at least 6 street musicians and you feel like singing along

3. people walk slowly, holding hands and smiling (no more umbrellas)

4. people stop in the middle of the road for loong conversations or cover all the stairs, parks and fountains edges

5. you hit others because you walk with your face up to catch as much sun as possible

6. guys play football using the Lloyd’s bank and the O2 store as gates

7. you see Tshirts and shorts on both mothers and babies (although it is still below 5 degrees Celsius)

8. you get flowers from strangers

9. the number of people trying to make you answer surveys on the spot triples

… I’m sure tomorrow I’ll find more reasons 🙂 New Street is a culture of itself… one of a kind I would say!


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