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Kisses :)

Posted on: March 10, 2010

I know I disappeared for the weekend but I was away and just wanted to forget about ONLINE and actually live my life 🙂

To make it up I found this really cute video:

If we were to analyze the culture background of kissing, its religious connections and its importance around the world, we would come up with a PhD thesis. Each of the daily “affection signs” has a specific meaning for both parties in the process but also to the others around. Hand kissing, lips, tongue, nose…

More about kinds of kissing!

cording to Tabor, the kiss of homage—the character of which is not indicated in the Bible—was probably upon the forehead, and was expressive of high respect.[18]

This woodcut of the practice of kissing the Pope’s toe is from Passionary of the Christ and Antichrist by Cranach.

  • Muslims may kiss the Black Stone during Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca).
  • In Ancient Rome and some modern Pagan beliefs, worshipers when passing the statue or image of a god or goddess will kiss their hand and wave it towards the deity (adoration).
  • In the gospels of Matthew and Mark (Luke and John omit this) Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss—an instance of a kiss intertwined with betrayal. This is the basis of the term ‘the kiss of Judas
  • The holy kiss or kiss of peace is a traditional part of most Christian liturgies, though usually replaced with an embrace or handshake today in Western cultures
  • The Pope will kiss the ground on arrival to a new country.
  • Visitors to the Pope traditionally kiss his foot. (The ring of a cardinal or bishop, hand of a priest.)
  • Jews will kiss the Western wall of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, and other religious articles during prayer such as the Torah, usually by touching their hand, Tallis, or Siddur (prayerbook) to the Torah and then kissing it. Jewish law prohibits kissing members of the opposite sex, except for certain close relatives. See Negiah.
  • Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic Christians often kiss the icons around the church as entering, they will also kiss the cross and / or the priests hand in certain other customs in the Church, such as confession or receiving a blessing.
  • Catholics will kiss rosary beads as a part of prayer, or kiss their hand after making the sign of the cross. It is also common to kiss the wounds on a crucifix, or any other image of Christ’s Passion.
  • Hindus sometimes kiss the ground of a temple.
  • Local lore in Ireland suggests that kissing the Blarney Stone leads to good luck.

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