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Posted on: March 11, 2010

I knew I wanted to see Crazy Heart when I saw the trailer, but I must admit it was Jeff Bridges’ Oscar that made go to the cinema on a Orange Wednesday (remember my hate for those evenings). Amazingly, the queue last night was not thaaat long…

Going back to the movie… I won’t start a review on it because you can find millions of those with a simple Google.

What I want to talk about is… country music. I think most people frown when hearing that word: “country”. It definitely has a negative karma and for some reason it keeps listeners away from the genre. However, one of the greatest singer in the history of popular music started with country… ladies and gentleman: Elvis!!!

We have all seen it in cowboy movies and Crazy Heart tells the story one more time. Country music is a style that comes from the heart and real life experiences. It is meant to heal a broken heart or relax a hard worker on his evenings out. Also, the best way to hear country is live. Dick Hebdige was amongst the ones to establish a relationship between music and cultural identity (see Subcultures) but we don’t really need scholars to show us how a genre links fans and listeners together, generates common behaviors and determines lifestyles and relationships.

I’ll leave you guys to a piece from the soundtrack… enjoy:


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