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We are what we learn to be

Posted on: March 14, 2010

And that is called socialization 🙂

A few words about how we become ourselves… or maybe just what society whats us to be…

I wonder how I would have been like if I was born in India or Australia… what if my parents were both multimillionaire ITs or maybe just college professors… We can’t help adjusting to the social environment and neither can we stop its effects on us…

Socialization is a learning process that begins shortly after birth.  Early childhood is the period of the most intense and the most crucial socialization.  It is then that we acquire language and learn the fundamentals of our culture.  It is also when much of our personality takes shape.  However, we continue to be socialized throughout our lives.  As we age, we enter new statuses and need to learn the appropriate roles for them.  We also have experiences that teach us lessons and potentially lead us to alter our expectations, beliefs, and personality.


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