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Posted on: March 21, 2010

I found this while stumbling around tonight.7 minutes of reality and truth…

It’s quite amazing and it goes just to the point. And it’s not just about black… it’s about all girls out there and it’s about all people!!!  I know these issues are completely outdated but let’s be honest about it… how does society make us feel about ourselves?

From my personal experience: changing countries, cultures and mentalities was something amazing. I changed from one kind of person to another without even realizing … my hopes, dreams and plans, my idea of a good life, a good living, they all changed, developed. It’s not about age or the desire to adapt, on the contrary, I fell more and more like an outsider with every breath of England I take.

But it’s about understanding how important those deep imprinted ideas of good and bad are (which I had since I was a child), it’s about how what I was told I should be makes me feel more like myself in this new environment and mostly, how this new person is so much like the old, just better, because she can see now the real deal of the West… When at home, everybody is so eager to get out that you start thinking you want it too! But then you do get out there and you feel the real deal: it can surely suck sometimes 🙂

Traveling doesn’t count (I was lucky enough to have wonderful parents who took me all around the world) because only after spending a while in a place you get to see its bad parts too. What matters is being able to wake up one morning, open the window and say: now this is where I want my children to grow up! And until now (you might think I’m crazy) home is where I want them to be!

And just because I heard this phrase soooo often lately (in books, movies, newspapers):

You can take me out of Romania, but you will never take Romania out of me! And I am so damn proud about it!

(and to quote a friend on society rules… I feel fat here, but back home people would think I’m anorexic with this weight)


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