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Umbrellas and how they pick their owners

Posted on: March 22, 2010

My Manchester sightseeing was not a complete failure as I finally had time to examine the world of the UK umbrellas, such an important, intimate and loved item, or should I say accessory?

The purple and yellow combination for success

Now this is one of my favourite colour schemes and I can bet that this rainy day outfit was very well planned… the question is who came first: the coat or the umbrella? Also, I wonder if this posh white spotted glam accessory likes shopping in Boots or inhaling all the smoke from that cigarette…

Fact – dreams of becoming a famous designer…

Funnily enough I found it online if anyone interested J


How can someone imagine they can hide while massively shopping the urban jungle? Fashion can’t really be the passion for this all-black, on the run lady so my guess is: picked umbrella from the pile and head for the city buzz.

Fact – ex-secret agent longing for the action packed days

Umbrellas for two

Now these are my favourite. This umbrella was shopping for rings… 20 minutes (or half my caramel macchiato), it stayed in front of that window suggesting diamonds, white or yellow gold to its owners. I think it definitely supported the masculine ideas in the plan as by the looks of it (wrinkled, black, small) it must be man-chosen.

Fact – wedding in 3 months at a castle in Scotland, kids in 12


I had my theory on this one… It’s one of those two-for-one items, make it small if you travel alone or double the fun when sharing or heavy rain. But my engineer, sipping from his vanilla late, said the layers help fighting the wind… I have to admit defeat this time.

Fact – this umbrella was picked, tested and cautiously examined before purchase

Almost identical twins

Do you think these two know each other? If placed into a basket at the entrance to a restaurant, would the owners be able to identify theirs? Do they know the company they wear?

Fact – born in a factory in China, best friends, separated 2 days later, forgot each others name and didn’t say hello when meeting on a crowded street half a globe away 😦

Hide and seek

This one tried to trick me. Kept going up and down, left and right, almost flying but mummy got it in time…. Her story: present from a loving grandmother.

Fact – It reminds the owner, not of the grass and trees, but of some beautiful green eyes looking down to her on a Sunday morning while down with the flu.

Now this is what I call revolutionising

Dunlop knows its product placements… carry that all over town and you will definitely get some interest. Could have been picked from a car-show by an auto-maniac… what do you think?

Fact –Dunlop makes tires 🙂


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