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The culture of film festivals

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Each time I hear of a film festival I promise myself I will attend all the screenings and meet all the interesting people. And obviously I never do…

Film festivals are not only for people in the industry but their aim is to bring special movies and pictures in the spotlight, ones not very accessible to the common consumer.

Two days ago I was searching for film festivals around the UK having a burning will to volunteer this summer and hopefully get a glimpse inside the industry of my dreams… and I cam across Flatpack. The surprise: it was going to start this week… and the best thing: it IS in Birmingham!!!

So I ignored the terrible rain, the flu and the tonne of work I had planned for today and headed for St Martin’s Church (YES, a church! – the one next to the Bullring pour les connaisseurs). It was already packed when I go there so I grabbed a ticket and sat on the church bench (feeling ready for prayers). I saw Pete Ashton there and felt guilty for having to run in the middle of yesterday’s Media Talent Bank workshop, I recognized a few familiar faces from uni, but the rest was just an interesting and smiling crowd.

Tonight’s movie: Sunrise – 1927, silent movie… accompanied by a superb jazz orchestra… I must say it was a wonderful evening. The photography and image were unbelievable and I was once again amazed by the acting skills of those who didn’t have the advantage of speech (words, language, tone and all other aspects of it). I plan to do a silent movie someday… someday…

Anyway, for those interested, the festival is on until Sunday and you can find screenings, exhibitions and workshops all over town.


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