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Post-post modernism

Posted on: March 24, 2010

Following the short talk on postmodernism itself, it’s now time to go a bit further and come closer to the present… What exactly comes AFTER the postmodern era???

From a lecture I had some weeks ago, I found out about 3 new currents and ideologies that are revolutionising the world and the way we see it. They have been out there for long, but only now they start to be conceptualised and used as ideologies.

Those three are:

– Supermodernity

– Performatism

– New Sincerity

I am going to stop at the last one and determine a few aspects of it.

“Privileging human connection and non-ironic expressions of sentiment and concern, instead of disconnection and lofty cynicism.” (more)

New sincerity has its roots in the 1980-90 Russian society when “novaia iskrennost” was used by poet Dmitry Prigov and critic Mikhail Epstein as a response to the absurdity of the late Soviet culture. In Epstein’s words: “Postconceptualism or the New Sincerity is an experiment in resuscitating fallen, dead languages with a renewed pathos of love, sentimentality and enthusiasm.”

The main concept of New Sincerity is the destruction of irony by transforming it into something more sympathetic and approachable. To get to the point and move closer to the 2010 society: one does not have to be ironic to be cool anymore… it is ok to like something unpopular or niche, it is ok to be different!

One of New Sincerity’s greatest supporters is Jesse Thorn, an American radio show host and creator of The Sound of Young America, also know as the program about things that are AWSOME. In his “Manifesto for the New Sincerity” blog post, Thorn states:

“Think of Evel Knievel. Let’s be frank. There’s no way to appreciate Evel Knievel literally. Evel is the kind of man who defies even fiction, because the reality is too over the top. Here is a man in a red-white-and-blue leather jumpsuit, driving some kind of rocket car. A man who achieved fame and fortune jumping over things. Here is a real man who feels at home as Spidey on the cover of a comic book. Simply put, Evel Knievel boggles the mind. But by the same token, he isn’t to be taken ironically, either. The fact of the matter is that Evel is, in a word, awesome. . . . Our greeting: a double thumbs-up. Our credo: Be More Awesome. Our lifestyle: Maximum Fun.”

I know this ca be very puzzling, but try this interview Thorn gave to the Gothamist and things will become clear.

And if you want to see some New Sincerity poetry, try this… and for movies go for… Dancing with the wolves or any Lars von Trier (and the Dogme movement).


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