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Posted on: April 21, 2010

After 7 days it still is on the front pages of all the world’s newspapers. It led to unbelievable chaos, dreadful loses, stress and tears. It showed us once again that mother nature can just push and pull us around as she wishes and we can’t do a thing about it.

Now, I’m not just going for the volcano topic because it’s hot news but because I was one of the lucky/unlucky ones to be stranded abroad… actually it happened as I transferred in Amsterdam (not really sure why the staff in Bucharest didn’t stop us from boarding the flight as UK’s airspace was already close when we left Otopeni airport – this was the unlucky part). So, I got off the plane and was given the great news: you’re stuck here till further notice.

Now, the lucky part was that I managed to book the boat from The Hook of Holland to Harwich just in time and managed to get to Birmingham with only a 50 hours delay…But the short adventure is priceless!

With an afternoon and a night to spend in one of the craziest cities in Europe, we went for what should have been a very chic hotel near the Amsterdam Central station (The Victoria theoretically is 4*… practically I won’t give it more than 2*). No luggage, no stress so out we went… Walk around the so familiar streets, memories from cafes and cozy restaurants, the bench on the canal where a few years ago I took one of the greatest shots ever (b&w couple with a kiss), the I AMSTERDAM ‘statue’, a glance at Vermeer in Rijksmuseum, the lattes (which are absolutely amazing in the Netherlands), the parks, dinner at Fifteen (delicious as usual… actually even a bit better than the London one), skipped the canal cruise, cursed the crazy bikers and finally had a peek into the Red Light (which is getting smaller each year).

I don’t know if I would be wrong to give this city a New Sincerity approach. It’s just so straight with it’s visitors… no irony, no hidden feelings. It’s all out there to be picked by the right personality.

It’s funny cause in our last Media Culture lecture we talked about cities and our lecturer was actually very disappointed of Amsterdam… he said it was London with a vulgar part. No! Amsterdam can be whatever YOU want it to be… and if not, try The Hook of Holland – the only town I know with music on the streets (Tom Jones was on the house – literally).

Anyway… Amsterdam’s charm is in the details:


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60s of pleasure reading u dear !

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