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Is April almost over?

Posted on: April 24, 2010

Last week I skipped the recommendations so here’s a little update:

I watched: Didn’t have time for a lot of cinema so I mostly gave SKY my attention… Save the last dance (I danced to its OST a million times!!! perfect for a Sunday evening in), What just happened (De Niro is what I dream to become: a film producer. However, his character doesn’t end that well so not very inspiring… Really good story and Kristen Stewart is in it), I love you man (it ran in the background while I was working on my personal development assignment… poor film, terrible story), Bride Wars (very thin but sweet and touching especially for those of us with BFFs :))… and now for the thumbs up: An Education (I finally got to it and I must say if you’re looking for a smart, interesting script, you have it. But this film is about much, much more… and its story is so fresh and new as 1961 or 2010, we girls sometime face this type of decisions.) Kick Ass (didn’t expect too much out of it but boy was I wrong…. probably one of the best stories I’ve seen in a while. Its smart, funny and perfectly directed… fact: Chloe (13) said the hardest part of being Hit Girl was saying the c*** word.), The Ghost (McGregor is good, Brosnan also and Olivia Williams absolutely amazing… Polanski is Polanski in his thrill and mystery… but the story is a bit superficial. Or maybe I didn’t follow it close enough.)

I read: As I had two assignments on the run this week it was more techniques an theory books like “Film Studies”, “The Idiot’s Guide to Project Management”,Hollywood, hype and audiences” (really good for film marketing case studies with Basic Instinct and many more), “Movie Marketing” (same here) and a bit of Wilcox and Tench with their PR Bibles… oh and I got a book about vampires 🙂

Listened to: “Stuck in the middle with you”, “Dream machine” and from the classics: Haydn (collections).

Web: Found a few nice websites through Stumble… pencil art, yummy stuff , inspiring movies and an older  discovery – Katie for the moody days.

Visited: Amsterdam as you already know and London for CIPR into PR on Monday (really nice and inspiring event on how to start your career in the UK PR industry).

Acquisitions: an ice-cream maker 🙂 (should be here soon so I’ll tell you more about it soon)


1 Response to "Is April almost over?"

Ice-cream maker?! I’m definetely coming to UK this summer ;;)
Also, if u recommend Bride Wars, I’ll take a look too :p

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