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Personality vs Character

Posted on: April 26, 2010

There’s no secret that I am into acting lately so while researching I found a very interesting book on Film Acting (for actors and directors). In it’s second chapter, Jeremiah Comey discusses the difference between personality actors and character actors.

Personality actors are those who let their personality show in all the roles the play. As a consequence, most of their characters are the same to a certain extent.

Character actors are those who leave every bit of themselves aside and enter the role completely. They live, breathe, speak, act as a totally different person “playing the fictional personality of somebody else”.

After reading this I kept thinking: is there a good way of acting? At a first glance it would seem obvious that an actor should become the character and forget everything about his off-camera self. However, some of the most famous actors as personality ones… Think about De Niro, Morgan Freeman, Adam Sandler. I think we can also incluse Johnny Deep in this category as, although his  roles seem different at first sight, at a deeper analysis it’s always the same thing.

Some great character actors I found are Daniel Day-Lewis, Judy Dench and even Leonardo DiCaprio (if we are to compare older movies to his recent ones). I would include Angelina here considering how well she portrays Marianne in A might Heart, Cristine in Changeling or Amelia in Bone Collector.

Who else?


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