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Posted on: April 27, 2010

I know talking about what I do in school is really lame, but I must admit that lately we did go through some really interesting facts.

Today in Music Promo and PR we had a guest lecturer: Andrew Dubber. It was probably one of the best lecture of the term as he shared some of his experience in music promo and believe me it is really valuable.

We covered the 5 ages of media related to the music promo, meaning: 1. the oral age (knowledge passed from generation to generation around camp fires – sing with a hat in front of you and gather some money), 2. the scribble age (where composers lived with the rich and made music at their demand), 3. the print age (long live Gutenberg! as his great invention made music sheets available to all singers), 4.the electricity age (broadcasting and recordings… we’re getting close), 5. the digital age (welcome to the present!). Andrew says that the biggest problem with the music industry is that they still stick to age number 4…

One more thing I wanted to spread is Bandcamp. It’s a great platform for sharing music and really easy to use. Everybody knows My Space is sooo yesterday 🙂 so why not try this one?

Ooo… and a great tune I stumbled upon on Bandcamp:


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