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This is where I brag about my week… again!

Posted on: May 3, 2010

With all the school work I must admit that I am really putting my personal reading list behind… and I hate it 😦 Anyway, at least I try to keep up with the film industry as I didn’t miss this spring’s most thrilling premiere:

Films: The Hurt Locker– finally I got to watch it although I got the DVD the day it was launched. Conclusion: it did not deserve Best Production!!! It’s dull, boring and highly predictable. Personally, I would be ashamed to present it to all the victims of the present wars… it’s more of a pro-army, pro-American film flooded with testosterone. Key message: all you tough guys, join the army and become famous!

New Moon – oh yeah baby, it’s Twilight! I won’t comment on this as I’d rather keep my addiction secret 🙂 ohhh and as I just Googled Hurt Locker I found the link between the two – Alex Meraz

Iron Man 2 – seen it on preview last Thursday… did it for my man, for the idea of future technology, my love for engineering (which I abandoned due to teen rebellion) and a secret crush on Robert Downey Jr. It was quite nice for it’s genre and a nice sequel… a bit disappointed of the way Potts was portrayed in this one: heartless corporate *****.

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnasus – aka Heath’s last film. It is one of those productions that dazzle one… you fall in a deep nostalgia and admiration and wish you could leave reality for a world made out of bubble gum. The Johnny Deep, Jude Law and Colin Farrell game goes perfectly with the story.

Coyote Ugly – had a little dance two nights ago as I found this one on TV.

La vie en rose – I never knew Edith Piaf’s life was so tragic. Nothing of the struggle to survive comes out of her stunning songs. And Marion Cotillard’s performance is absolutely majestic. Apart from the make-up that simply changes the stunning French beauty keeping only the fine details of perfection, each word, each movement, each reaction comes so natural.

Music: Twilight OST – it’s the perfect vampire mood music, perfect for train rides to gloomy uni days.

Edith Piaf – my favorite song and it was obvious that they will end the film with it 🙂

French rap – I personally think French is too delicate for rap music and that it sounds completely wrong… however, when I was in France a few months ago I realized how the day to day language is changing and how rough and aggressive it sounds when coming from the cool city guys.

Dance: As part of the International Dance Festival we went to CIRCA, an amazing show by an Australian group. I must say they were stunning!!! The music, the videos, the story , everything went hand in hand perfectly in a funny and thrilling way.

Books: covered product placement, integrated marketing communication and consumerism… also started A week at the Airport by Alain de Botton, first of all because I loved Essays in Love and secondly due to its anthropological approach (I always wanted to notice the world around me, talk about it objectively and have people interested in my work.)

Photos: I got a new Polaroid film: monochrome! I love it!!! the only problem is that sometimes, due to natural light, shades go a bit dizzy.

Have a nice week guys!!!


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