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Posted on: May 18, 2010

Due to #ashtag problems my Isabel Allende book arrived very late to Birmingham, so even though I wrote about starting it a few weeks ago, I only finished it this weekend.

The Infinite Plan is different than any of IA’s stories. I read most of her published work in different languages (I recommend Spanish) and I think one of the facts that first mesmerized me was her similarity to Marques. Obviously, there are many South American writers that share this passionate, both active and melancholic, showing a love for life and each of it’s experiences. But what I love about them is the way in which they care for all their characters, making sure they all have their piece of a happy ending, pushing them through difficult decisions, threatening and joyful moments and making sure they are perfectly connected with all the others in the book.

One other thing I enjoy when reading one of her books is the different universe it allows me to enter. She creates some amazing worlds which, although situated in some sort of reality, they seem so magic to me that I get lost in jungles, cities or wars. It’s  a bit of history, fantasy and a lot of imagination.

However, there was something about the Infinite Plan that kept me at the door of this world. There were moments when I felt I was part of it, that I observed the characters from the same room as them, but still I could never let reality go as before. I kept wondering what that was and I am too scared to even think that maybe it’s just me growing up and putting stories behind…

But no, I do blame it on the book! There were too many familiar scenes in it. San Francisco, California, gang fights and hippies… there was a kind of fiction that at this point in my life, I simply didn’t want to be a part of.

DAILY NEWS – May 30, 1993

Allende’s ‘Plan’ includes a new style
By Ron Grossman

Part picaresque novel, part quasi-history text, “The Infinite Plan” will fascinate as many readers as it will perplex.

I might be among the perplexed 🙂


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