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Persia and Gemma Arterton

Posted on: May 21, 2010

The blockbuster finally hit Birmingham and as I am a fan of all fantasy tales, I had to see it (to be mentioned: I never played the game nor do I know what it is about). And also, something with rising star Gemma Arterton simply couldn’t have been wrong (put Alice Creed on your “to see list” asap!) So off to the cinema…

To be honest the fact that the advert  for the new Prince of Persia game was on before the film really helped me understand where this idea came from, as first of all, The Sands of Time has its roots in the IT world. If you keep that in mind throughout the screening then you can truly appreciate it and don’t fall into the “what’s this special effects attack??” mistake. Dastan is suppose to be a hero so YES he can jump on roofs and fight an entire army.

On to the plot… I must admit that the entire treason and fight for power was quite interesting and not just the classical story. The little twists, the love story and all the fighting went perfectly with the characters (and the cast), the scenery and the fairytale. Jake Gyllenhaal said he was dying to play some sort of iconic superhero-superman so he will surely be remembered more as Prince of Persia than “the guy” in  Brokeback or Jarhead.

I honestly don’t have anything to complain about this film. It offers you exactly what you are seeking: a peek inside a world of fantasy with beautiful princes and princesses, desserts and amazing cities (which remembered me of some uni lectures 2 years ago)). Purely an escape from the tragedy that is the reality around us (and I walked home on Broad Street 🙂 ).

I wonder… if I had the dagger, would I go back in time and… where exactly?


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