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Posted on: May 23, 2010

I picked Paris in HMV a few days ago because of its title, because I love anything French and because of Juliette Binoche. The synopsis sounded quite interesting and also a bit familiar (a young dancer suffers from heart disease so he spends most of his time watching people from his window and basically living his life through theirs)…so last night I finally decided to give it a chance.

130 minutes later I was reading some reviews on IMDb trying to find what I’ve missed as Klapisch’s film simply didn’t capture me as I thought it would. OK, it’s about life and destinies (too many destinies I would say and a bit crowded), about how people seem to never be satisfied with what they have, how everything goes on no matter who comes and goes… It’s not moralizing, it’s not cynical or ironic, it actually tries to be funny… it should simply be a life lesson for each of us. But didn’t we have enough of those till now?

Many say that Paris is a marvelous story of the city from the inside (with the fabulous views and icons, mostly seen from the roofs and high terraces, pictures and scenes designed to take a step up from the busy streets and with binoculars, focus on specific moments in different lives – this is one of the things I loved about it). Klapisch is French and Parisian and simply shows his viewers the simplicity of life in its most tragic moments (favorite scene – the dream of the architect who feels guilty for being TOO normal!).

Obviously, we can’t say the same about  Paris Je T’aime (which will always be my way of seeing the city) with all the short stories and different directors from all over the world. PJT is an outsider’s peek into the city of love, the city of magic (and we have a lot of magic there), the city where dreams come true… As both film focus on parallel stories and their connections, could Klapisch be giving a sort of reply to PJT’s happy endings by showing us  the real life in France’s capital?

I don’t know how much sense I make in this post… I guess it’s more of a justification to myself as I did feel a bit guilty for not appreciating this film enough, especially after reading how many viewers it touched. Anyway, next on my list is a production I just discovered as I was looking for Paris’s trailer on youtube: Dans Paris (still with amazing actor Romain Duris, and again about Paris 🙂 ).


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