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Why PR?

Posted on: May 24, 2010

This year I went to various networking events where, for the sake of small talk or pure curiosity, I asked people how they got into PR and why. To my surprise, the majority of the professionals didn’t have a degree with PR or even Communications in its title and also the field didn’t feature on their “future plans” list. They simply stumbled into it accidentally…

So how come I picked PR?

My high school (which means A levels and a bit before in UK education) was pure science: I had around 7 Maths classes, 5 Physics and 6 Informatics each week, also I did a bit of Chemistry and Biology with a pinch of Literature. With this background, people generally end up in Computer Science or Engineering but I said NO to hardware or software!

I was passionate about photography and film but after a 6 months training for the Cinematography and Film Directing University I changed my mind (not quite sure why and many times I wish I didn’t). I also prepared for Architecture (another 6 months) but the hours of drawing were definitely not my cup of tea so again I said NO. That’s where advertising came in… it had the creativity, it had the photography, it had the video and most of all it had the strategic and planning business parts which I mastered.

Although a small country, Romania gives you some strong options in choosing a university in the Communications field. After some research and talks I went for the University of Bucharest and boy did I pick well… Despite the hard work to get in (RO university is free if you get a good admission mark at the exam…and you could also get a bursary), things completely different than the stuff I had to for my final exams, I made it (in the top 5 if I remember well).

Here is where I first understood what PR is, I got to try it and I chose to stick to it, leaving cheesy advertising behind… PR sounded more professional, more organised and more efficient. The people, placements, contests, events and all that fancy part came really fast and all I know is that I did my best to not miss a thing.

Three years later: I technically graduated from Uni of Bucharest (where I am still enrolled but have to pass my final exams), I finished my second year at Birmingham City University (best choice I mad in my life) and I have a bit of practical experience that I am proud of!

For now I am relaxed but what will happen next June… MA, PhD or a 9-5 job?


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