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Vampires for dissertation?

Posted on: May 25, 2010

After a few years of struggling with millions of assignments, presentations, production challenges and many other student tragedies, the BIG problem comes! And it’s the one that matters the most. The D word is the thing we are all afraid of as 15 000 words sounds like an encyclopedia or a Cambridge Dictionary.

At BCU we have a sort of preparation task in Year2: come up with an initial proposal for next year. Its aim is to make you thing of options and ideas, consider various topics, be realistic and organised and get some feedback for it. Plain and simple plus very helpful…

BUT the problem is…  WHAT do I write about? What is THE subject that I’ll spend ONE year investigating? WHAT can be so interesting so that I have a solid piece of research to show off with (and to keep me interested for 8 months)?

For me it should have been easy as I was planning to stick to the PR field, but still… I’ve been struggling for weeks to find a topic. I considered new media (soo yesterday), integrated marketing (too broad), internal communications (what?)…why not PR stunts (not very academic)… But today I had a revelation!

I’ll be doing my dissertation on vampires!

These creatures of the night have some really good publicists and agents. From Buffy to Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight and sooo many others, the “placement” of what initially were beasts and demons, turned the mean, old vamp in the most wanted boyfriend on the planet! BINGO – It’s culture, it’s film, it’s media, it’s PR and it’s BLOODY brilliant 🙂

P.S. To all my BCU tutors, I was just kidding 🙂 Or maybe not….


2 Responses to "Vampires for dissertation?"

i agree, it is brilliant. i thought of the same thing for my dissertation, but i was going for the entire cast of “creatures of the dark” (including other mythical beings such as werewolfes, shapshifters, aso).
plus, look at this – kids are getting so into this whole thing that they’re actually “living” it.
oh, i went in a different direction with my bachelor’s degree paper (did i just make up this term? :D) ’cause i thought there’s not enough info out there. but, if you do write your dissertation on this… wow, i’d love to read it.

Oaaau, I just looked at the video 🙂
This is what I’m talking about… people actually start believing in their existence. Talk about media representation and role models… I actually found a lot of info around but the problem is how objective or accurate it is… still have a summer ahead to research 😀

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