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How we talk does MATTER

Posted on: May 27, 2010

I’ve been involved in a project at my university (I won’t say too much about it as it’s TOP SECRET… noot!) and as a first step I had to do some transcripts in order to analyse some interviews. Students and tutors had to answer some clear, basic, simple questions about things they were working on.

When I first heard about the idea I thought it was a great opportunity as I could get some really good insight about proper research efforts and evaluations. Also, I should get paid for it (if the whole story with the work permit gets to an end soon). And come on, how hard could it be to listen to some recordings and type them down?

Well 15 minutes on tape… about 90 minutes of my precious time. Not a big problem in that (as I get paid by the hour :)) but the reason this takes soooo long is just driving me crazy: I simply can’t understand what people are saying!

No, it’s not because English is not my first language! And no, the recording is top quality (the HD of recordings)!

It’s the: “I suppose, yeah it’s like, basically when, you know, and then yeah, we’re gonna basically and potentially do it!” WHAAAT???

I simply can’t understand why people use all these linking “phrases”. They make one sound completely unprofessional and silly!!! Plus, it confuses the audience and drives them crazyyyy! I have to press the back button over and over again to understand the point of the phrase by picking some words, carefully hidden behind the “likes” and “basicallys”.

Also, when being interviewed try to stick to the point! Does the interviewer care about what you did last summer? NOOOO! (we’re strictly considering this case – university work)

And since we’re talking about talking… Putting your hands through your hair or over your mouth or keeping them in your pockets when speaking in public = NOT OK!

There, I SAID IT!


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