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Posted on: June 2, 2010

I’ve been incredibly busy lately and I feel quite guilty for ignoring the blog. I finally got over my addiction to Stumble Upon (or I was forced to as I spend most of my time in lovely Microsoft Word), I haven’t watched a film in 4 days (4!!!!), I try to squeeze a few pages of my new discovery each night before bed (The book of Fires – shortlisted for the Orange Awards for young writers and is now in the top 3 nominees!!!! I’ll cover it in a post as soon as I manage to finish it), haven’t taken any photo for weeks now and I am starting to get my kilos back as I haven’t stepped in the gym since last Tuesday. Here’s where all my energy is concentrated:

The Labyrinth Quartet – it started as a uni project, a press pack I had to create, but it’s going towards my first music promotions client 🙂 Don’t know how it will come together in the end but hopefully the guys in the group will like what we have for them.

explorebirmingham – again, another uni project which might be extended soon. Started with Lozells Quest last Sunday (in an attempt to change the negative reputation of the Birmingham neighborhood) and it might have a city centre edition sometime during the summer.

The coaching academy – Yes, I am training to become a life coach 🙂 I was quite busy with homework lately and on the 12th of June I’ll have another full day in London talking about the GROW model 🙂

Where is it – the first feature film I’m working on with AMVRO Films. Auditions are on and tomorrow we have another full day with actors coming and going…

The #PR_BUZZ launch I already told you about…

A really cool news that came after the really bad news is that Ozzy Osbourne (personally!!!) gave BCU the permission to have an award name after him for the 3rd year students!!! He is from Birmingham after all and said he would really like to support Brummie education 🙂

In between I have regular housewife chores to take care of, queues at the bank (Lloyds has the worst service possible – 1 cashier out of 12 was open today with 40!!! people in line), trains to wait for (if one more wiseguy kills himself by jumping in front of the train and causing hours of delays, I will open a suicide agency providing original ideas to say goodbye to the world) and all with a background of day dreams that take me faaar away from here, to sunny California.

p.s. in 4 days I’ll be breathing the same air as Bon Jovi (and 20 000 more fans) at the O2 arena in London!!!


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my busy girl.. me happy you’re updating your blog, you write on facebook and twitter! at least i have 3 possibilities to hear from you 😉 since you don’t answer emails 😉 good luck with everything :p

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