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Tic tac… and you graduate!

Posted on: June 3, 2010

Graduations were always my weak point… after my first 4 years in official education I changed schools, then after another 4 I had to go to highschool, after 4 more to uni… Each time I cried, I was devastated, I thought that life was going to end and that there is no hope for me in that strange, new and wild world without my mates, my teachers, my daily habits, my desk and my classroom.

I am not really the extra-sensitive type, but I did have the chance to meet some incredible people in each of those periods. Parting from them seemed and was actually like leaving a huge piece of me behind, a piece that grew slowly, surrounded by so many different characters.  I found role models not only in my tutors but also in my colleagues and I realise how blessed I am to always have such a buzzing, colorful crowd around me that leaves its mark on my personality, on my soul and even on my dreams.

I have to admit… I’m a dream thief! Each time I hear somebody wishing for something amazing, I adapt a tiny piece of his goal to my own list… it’s like my hook to reality, the fact that somebody else has in mind a similar image of himself in 20 years gives me a bit more confidence and ensures me that I haven’t lost my mind. And being around people with great dreams wakes one from the routine and shows him a new world, a new way of living!

Tomorrow I’ll be graduating!

After 2 years of full time education and remarkable achievements and 1 more of short visits, online lectures and still to be passed exams, my job at The University of Bucharest is done. I obviously won’t be able to attend the ceremony, probably one of the biggest things I will miss in my life. As the cherries on top of a delicious ice cream, the young PR professionals organised and amazing event and actually a bit of a stunt to mark their first steps in this profession and I do regret not being a witness to the reactions in the auditorium.

I won’t feel like a graduate for some months now, but a very important part of my life will end tomorrow and the only thing I hope for is that all 180 something students at CRP and all the amazing teachers know that I do miss them a loott!!!! and that they all had a great impact on my way of thinking, my behavior, my career plans but mostly my dreams!

I’ll leave you to a song that marked my highschool graduation and that once again fits the event and the people perfectly 🙂


1 Response to "Tic tac… and you graduate!"

Congratulations on graduating!

What will be your plans after this?

Kagem Tibaijuka
Founder of vox-popPRcareers

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