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Posted on: June 6, 2010

I am technically in my super-intense revision period but since my projector came back I tried to make up for our time apart and see as many film as possible. Also, with a bunch of releases that really caught my eye I considered in getting a one month film card from Cineworld… 14 pounds unlimited entries, good deal! Anyway, I’ll spare you of all the boring productions and go straight to the top 3 of the week:

“Tales from the Golden Age” – another Romanian film by Mungiu (director of “4,3,2” in case it rings a bell) about, obviously, our beautiful country and its people under the Communist regime. I got the DVD the day it launched in the UK but I kept postponing watching it for some reason… maybe I thought it would be “just” another film on the subject although its production crew promised a lot. Well, it’s NOT! It’s a funny, interesting and actually thrilling story following some “urban legends” we hear of from our parents and grandparents, and most of the time  laughed at and put the “whatever” smile on. I don’t think I have to mention the wonderful directing or the beautiful image, the music that brought back so many memories or the perfect acting… I might be subjective as the film surely won’t  have 10% of the impact it has on a Romanian audience anywhere outside the country even if they tried to make it as transparent as possible with a lot of extra explanations. Although ironic and extremely funny, it underlines some of our core features: the Romanian ambition, the Romanian creativity, the Romanian improvisation, the Romanian pride and most of all the genius that we inherit as we are born in the Easter European country. I honestly say that I am really proud of each and every single one of them and that I thoroughly wish I found a tiny little bit of that in others.

La Haine = Hate – reminds me of City of God (even if it’s 7 years older) might be related to Banlieue 13 (a looot younger) and turns  This is England into This is Paris – B&W, amazing French film from 1995 which follows 3 friends for 24 hours in a Parisian ghetto where racism, hate an violence are the law. The bad, the good and the ugly meet over and over again with killings, beatings, a lot of swearing and punching… but it seems that fate had it coming for the troubled boys as the ending is obviously tragic. Watching it, I kept wondering: do people who are born in such places have a chance to make it? Do they have a mark on their foreheads for the rest of their lives? It’s so hard to judge from the outside but don’t we make our own destiny in the end?

And this week’s release, staring Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson (in one of the most serious parts she ever played) – The killer inside me. Just came back from it and although quite interesting, it failed to impress me to tears. It has an over 18rating due to the extreme violence, but that was the part that I actually enjoyed (don’t get me wrong!!!) in terms of directing and storytelling. It made sense and built up the characters but that was almost all the film had to offer (and some love scenes with the two beauties:)). From the posters and trailers I expected a far better image but it seems that they gave their best away in the marketing tools. I know the film is inspired by a novel and heard many complaining it didn’t get close to the greatness of story in the book, but can’t really find the missing piece that would make this the perfect psycho biography.


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