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Posted on: June 9, 2010

I have a million things that I would want to talk to you about but I have my final exam of my second year in just 2 days and the level of stress increases with each minute I spend on Twitter or Facebook… so blogging is NOT on my to-do list this week.

However, I can still share a really interesting article I found today from MMM:

There are two problems here that have likely stifled innovation in the area of engagement:

First is the release window model currently in place. Once opening weekend has passed the marketing support for a movie drops off considerably but it’s only after then that audiences are actually going to be talking about the movie itself and not just the trailers or other marketing materials. Of course the discussion of those materials offers an opportunity for engagement, but the fact remains that conversations about the movie as a whole don’t happen until after opening and that’s not how studio resources are aligned.

Second is that customer relations is never something the studios have been involved in before. There’s always been the buffer level of theater employees who have to bear the brunt of customer complaints. Yes, other consumer products have retail layers as well, but most of them have some form of customer service in the form of a number to call or feedback form on the website. Studios, though, don’t have this capability in place and so aren’t able to take lessons learned and apply them to new platforms.

Being “involved” in social media isn’t enough and there are few points given when that involvement takes the form of one-way communications. It’s outside of comfort zones to be sure, but strategic engagement is both possible and measurable.

Read the rest here.


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