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Posted on: June 27, 2010

I am the kind of person who dreads any kind of adrenaline rush, but ends up doing all kinds of crazy stuff just to prove  my coolness. Snowboarding, formula 1 driving, high altitude jumps etc… I know, sounds pitiful, but in the end I am the one who honestly feels it was a piece of cake while my brave friends pee their pants. And roller-coasters are on my “OMG” list.

We people are really masochistic. We spend a lot of money to go to some theme park in the middle on nowhere, then we waste an hour in the cue for some super-thrilling ride watching how it spins and kills above our heads and trying to find a good reason for being there. Then we jump on, we heard the 4,3,2,1 and take a deep breath. That is the crucial moment as there is no way back! And then it’s all over before you know it as the super-speed coaster is nothing but a 15 second joke.

Two days ago I went to Alton Towers. It was just crazy! We managed to squeeze about 7 rides despite the huuuge cues. The longest was 1hour and 15minutes… A bit more about the coasters here.

In my opinion the best one, and the only one that managed to make my heart go slower for a few seconds, was the Oblivion. It’s not a twisting-turning thing, but it has an accelerated vertical fall which stops your breath. It is so spooky as it goes a lot underground and people just disappear screaming. It took a lot of inner talk and convincing to calm myself before boarding, but as soon as it was over I was quite disappointed as it is waaay too short!


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