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When Blogging Is a Crime

Posted on: July 5, 2010

For the past three weeks I completely ignored my blog. Back in March I spent half an hour putting a little star on each of the pages of my planner to remind me to blog. I know, blogging should come natural and if imposed could lead to terrible posts and clumsiness but it was my third time starting ‘thewayiseethem’ and I planned to make it a habit. And I did. For quite a while actually… so now I wonder: did my muse kill herself (ok, himself!!!) or have I become too busy to blog?

When getting home after 9-5 (8.30-5.30 to be more precise), I feel that turning my computer on should be my last desire. And it is… there are films to see in the big city, places to visit, food to taste and no time to talk about it online. I would actually feel guilty to ignore London and waste another hour on wordpress, not to mention my sweet one who would literally throw my computer out the window.

I know… why not blog at work? Can’t take more than half an hour and any PR employer would encourage it. Maybe, but let’s just put it this way: I’m overexposed!!! 🙂 Until today, my office was in the middle of the room within every eye’s range and I felt that social media might seem as a waste of time to the more experienced.

When on work experience and internships, we students tend to act like employee of the year! We get to the office half an hour earlier (ok, I don’t actually do that one), we leave late, take over any possible job (although we have a huge to-do list for the day), ask everybody if they want any coffee or tea each time we go towards the kitchen and so on. Obviously, some of us think that spending time on facebook, twitter or blogs could lead to death penalty.   

But today… I had to move 🙂 I am now hidden and protected by a wall! Let’s see if this will bring the blogging bug back. At least for the last week of my UK PR experience.


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