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Greed is Good but with a “TOO” Happy Ending

Posted on: October 7, 2010

I’ve been waiting for this film to come out for months! I was so jealous of everybody who saw it in Cannes and was puzzled by the reviews. Is it good? Is it bad? I was dying to see this film everybody was talking about! And I finally did as it hit UK screens yesterday (at least officially).

The cast is absolutely fantastic! I was actually surprised to see such a huge actress as Susan Sarandon playing quite a small part in it, which she obviously mastered. M. Douglas still has the charm, Shia is OK, though I am still looking out for his pal Bumblebee and Carey Mulligan is just divine and my absolute favourite!

Now the plot… it was obvious that Gordon will make it BIG as soon as he got out and that he would probably do something to F*** it up in the personal field. Also, the ups and downs in the Wall Street industry came with the job description and suicide was a must! The rhythm overall was quite catchy and the story made me a bit curious as it was advancing, but nothing outstanding… So no big badaboom there but the all of a sudden happy ending that somehow contradicts the idea of the film and of the characters themselves.

There were quite a few camera tricks with time passing depictions and the stock market graphics inserted which gave it a bit of an artistic and funny touch. My favourite part, and one that made me look at the film in a more positive way was the official fund raising dinner. I think that, although not a new approach, the emphasis on the ladies’ earrings was a nice way of showing the billions that sat at those tables.

One thing that was just completely out of the story was the connection to the first Wall Street, Gordon meeting old Bud from 1987, Charlie Sheen, and exchanging life stories. It was unnecessary and even bothering! We didn’t need to be reminded of the success the first film had… maybe we did wonder what happened to his old partner but at that point we long forgot he even existed.

I’ll leave you with the trailers of the first and second Wall Street:


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