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What came first? The BRAND or the NEED?

Posted on: October 7, 2010

I had quite an interesting lecture today on branding and consumer identity. We went once again through the process of brand building and its necessity, defining brands as products and/or experiences, analysing a few that adapt and a few that tune out any external factors but what was really interesting was the consumer behaviour part…

Obviously, people consume certain things because they HAVE or NEED to… it’s all in Maslow’s pyramid. We eat, we wash, we wear, we go out, we do what we are built to do, so of course we need products to constantly supply our “humanity”. But with a million brands of… let’s say bottled water, how can we choose ONE? And even more, what if we aren’t even thirsty but we still buy, just in case…

In a time when we are all aware of the function and impact of advertising, of its tactics to persuade the weak and bring more money to the big bad corporations, shouldn’t we become rational consumers – “making the decision of buying on purely economic grounds to maximize their utility?”(Sean Brierley)

No, guess not 🙂 And because brands are more important than ever, I decided to do a small research. It’s actually more like a diary: starting on Monday, I will keep track of all the brands that target ME as a consumer. Then, next week, I will try to put down every brand that I actually use on a daily basis… let’s see if I find any similarities. Also, I am interested to see how much marketeers know about me and if they actually consider me anything outside the typical 22, female, student, no income, not married…



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