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Posted on: October 28, 2010

As PR students, we are being advised over and over again that the key word for success in the industry is NETWORKING. Be it online, over e-mail, in mentorship schemes, work experience or events, we are supposed to show the world that we are the next generation and that we mean business.

Over the past three years I tried to cover each of the above and have found that the last of the tactics – the events – was the best way to meet professionals, learn from them and also show them that a degree in PR makes a 20 year old more aware of the world of work and its challenges than they would have expected.

However, the financial issue becomes a problem many times as PR conferences that we dream of (like the ones in the weekly notices we get) are completely out of reach for the regular student, with prices going up to four figures.

Communicate Magazine thought about this last summer and joined an event you all might have heard of (The Super Intern competition) to offer the winners free entry to some of their conferences in 2010.

Luckily, I was among them and this Tuesday I had the chance to attend the #smcc10 or Social Media in a Corporate Context 2010 in Manchester’s elegant Palace Hotel.

Overall, the conference was fascinating as although many of the case studies are already iconic, the inside information and the strategies behind them were astonishing. I’ll guide you through a few of the key points we covered and hopefully the information will be as valuable to you as it was to me. As a tip, do click on the hyperlinks as they will explain a lot… it was after all a social media conference…..

Read the rest of the article on Behind the Spin !!!!!!!


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