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Adbusting and culture jamming

Posted on: October 30, 2010

We’ve been talking about this last week over and over again… Basically, ad busters re-create ads or brand symbols and put together new items that send a message which somehow goes against the company/product/service. For example, the Camel ad above… smoking kills and that will never change no matter what camel tells us.

Some of them can be very direct, some very subtle, some barely noticeable, but they are all made to attack capitalism and its consequences. Be it fast food, sweatshops, paying an arm and a leg for a tiny LV purse which costs 4$ to be made, culture jammers make sure they express their aggression through this form of “art”. They have been around for decades, but with new technologies, photoshop and all other editing DIY software things have become extremely easy.

My issue with it is that in a post-postmodern era they might as well help the brand more than go against it… brands have learned to be ironical, they satirise their own products many times (see Sprite for example, or Red Bull) so what impact would a busted ad have on the brand? Also, with a quite limited distribution compared to the promotional material made by the big names, how much can it actually cover? One last point, nowadays we all know hoe bad burgers are for us, how much our carbon footprint matters and how big fashion gurus take advantage of cheap labour in the Asian countries… but what can we actually do when one can’t live without consumption any more?

For more busted ads and anti-capitalist thinking try Adbusters!!!





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