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LET Me//the Right One IN – Hollywood versus the world

Posted on: November 11, 2010

I went to see Let me In because I follow Chloe Moretz on Twitter and am really jealous on what a 13year old managed to do with her career. There! I’ve said it! I know I’m completely laaaame, but you must admit some have amazing opportunities these days…

Anyway, the film was terrible! I was actually annoyed as the really slow paced thriller/horror/romance was 100% predictable and I just couldn’t believe how shallow the story seemed. I lost my interest in it after about half an hour and started to pay more attention to the light glowing just above my seat (Screen 7 in the New Street Odeon is terrible!!!! Iguess they keep the lights on in case somebody panics???).  As a result, it took me 15 minutes after I got out of the cinema to put the pieces together and get the smart touch in the film. I wonder how deep did the filmmakers actually think about it…or maybe they just went for the “original” brains behind the ideas!

I just saw the trailer of Let the Right One In (the original, Swedish version which I heard is amazing) and I can’t believe the American version is such a photo-copy! Hollywood taking over scripts and stories of foreign language films (as is for example the case with another Swedish hit – Girl with Dragon Tattoo) is not such a new technique, but making them identical to the independent versions is just unacceptable! I know it’s the same book, but settings, cinematography, directing, the way actors touched, smiled, breathed, it’s just too much and I would sue them if I were Tomas Alfredson (director of the 2008 version). Before, they would at least wait a few years before stealing ideas like that, but now… it’s been less than 2 since the Swedish release!

On the other hand… how many would have heard of the original version if the big mean studios didn’t bring it in the spotlight?

Let’s see how many similarities you can spot from the trailers only:



1 Response to "LET Me//the Right One IN – Hollywood versus the world"

Actually, I’ve seen the Swedish one almost a year and a half ago, after reading a review on a movie blog. And all I have to say is – don’t waste your time with any crap remakes. That movie is just perfect on its own. Let the right version in 🙂

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