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London what?

Posted on: November 27, 2010

Ok so I ignored all the bad reviews and decided to give London Boulevard a chance. Actually it was my other half who dragged me there for a bit of action Keira Knightley included.

I don’t generally read a lot of reviews before watching a film as I don’t want to let them influence me, but with LB I kept getting tweets of “awesomeness” (NOT) all week. To be honest, I thought the trailer absolutely sucked and if back then I had no clue why Keira’s part had to do with the film, I am even more clueless now. So she was the woman character who was suppose to give the man a chance to show his feelings and his true self… ok, I got that! Actually she said it in an attempt to justify her business in the all-British film.

20 minutes into the film, I actually thought it would turn out to be a nice way of spending a Saturday evening. But then it all started to happen: love, celebrity, paparazzi, drugs, gangsters, shooting, friends, a mixture of good and bad and ugly… just WAY TOO MUCH! The story was too crowded for any character to evolve in any way (not even Colin who is the star here) and for any sub-text to be understood. Or maybe there wasn’t any subtext and I’m trying to give it more credit than it deserves…

Also, I don’t know if this was some post-production error or just the sound in Odeon was absolutely crap! I struggled to follow what they were saying, especially with the funny-english-mafia accent. Oh, and FUCK was obviously the word of the day (I watch Adulthood again last night and I counted 30 fucks in less than 30 seconds… I know, it’s so British!!!)

I’ll leave you to the trailer, although it’s as blank as the film:




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