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#tronsucks versus #tronrocks

Posted on: December 5, 2010

I came up with a new idea for my film reviews – the one word review… however, with all this tension with the Tron reviews only being allowed after 10pm today, I feel I should give it a bit more than that!

We’ve been preparing for the amazing sequel for years now and over the past year I literally felt overwhelmed with the marketing it got. In the end, this is Disney’s 3D masterpiece of 2010 and it should be treated that way. I must admit that I am neither a fan nor a hater of the genre and that the trailers and anticipation really didn’t make me scream when I heard Tron was the second film of the day at @showfilmfirst yesterday. (I honestly hoped it wasn’t although all signs pointed to it!)

So…. I say Tron: Legacy is a…… geekmajestic juicy bed time story 🙂

To define and explain my phrase, #tronrocks in 3D technology, special effects and sound (yes, the super sci-fi Tron world was majestically created) + in the IT, digital stuff (my boyfriend tried to explain how all the digital theory was put together and how it actually made sense to an engineer…) + Daft Punk OST (!!!!) and #tronsucks in the simplicity of the story, the stereotypes (don’t want to use spoiler alert here so I’m not going to explain which ones) and the so-predictable ending!!!!

For more on Tron try this review which I really thinks it makes the film justice, from a connoisseur’s point of view .

I’ll post the trailer in case there is actually anyone out there who doesn’t know what  I’m talking about:

And even if I’m not for marks and percentages, let’s say 3/5 for the winter blockbuster…

LE: didn’t want to say this earlier as I thought it was just me, but as I see I’m not the only one booooing itt: the acting was pretty bad as well… 😦


4 Responses to "#tronsucks versus #tronrocks"

I was really looking forward to this, but ended up hating it. The story was awful, the SFX too unreal, the CGI on Jeff Bridges’ face is still a few years away from working the way it should.

Sorry to say, I was even bored.

my review

Oh Young Jeff in the first scenes looked like Prince Charming in Shrek or something! I was quite amazed that with all the high-tech in the film, this was so poorly done.

I honestly hoped it would make me feel a bit ashamed of underestimating the whole idea after seeing all the trailers and publicity. But it didn’t…. and I don’t really think it will have anything to do with the fans of the first one… that was so long ago! And back then Tron was really a breakthrough in film technology, but the sequel come in Avatar times…

oanajinga, that’s awesome!! HAHAHAH Prince charming!! you are sooooo right!
I’m still laughing.
come and visit my blog and post stuff like that everyday!!
You made my day!

hehe thanks 🙂 and I’ve been actually lost in your reviews for the past half hour 😀 will give you some feedback in the morning as I really loved them

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