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Posted on: December 7, 2010

Yesterday, the CIPR hosted “Social Media Conference 2010: Reputations in Flames, The Risks of Online” (check #CIPRSM for the day’s live tweets)

Are you tapped in to what’s being said about your organisation or company on the web? Social media is here and the threats that online conversations pose to corporate reputations are real. Managing reputation today means managing conversations that are happening across multiple social platforms, around the clock. If you are part of those conversations, you can handle them – and their impact.

How do you find out what’s being said where? How and when do you respond? How do you stop a crisis situation developing?

Reputations in Flames will explore the risks that businesses and organisations are exposed to in these social networking times and equip you with the know-how to handle them.

The agenda:

  • highlight why social media is so critical to reputation
  • examine the risks posed by social media – for those who engage, as well as those who choose not to
  • provide advice and guidance on effectively managing online risks and mitigating the impact that negative conversations can have on a brand’s reputation
  • look at the key steps in digital crisis management.

I would have love to attend but unfortunately due to financial and “deadline” issues I missed this one. However, I got the slides today from @Andy_CIPR and managed to get some parts of them.




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