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PR stunts, don’t we love them?

Posted on: January 4, 2011

We all love PR stunts!!! They are the ultimate declaration of creativity, and as PR professionals we can’t hide our envy and our “damn, why didn’t I think of this?” feeling.

Taylor Herring PR (one of my fav agencies in the UK) keeps a Hall of Fame of PR stunts, with the best ever. It is definitely a MUST for all pros and a source of inspiration 🙂 Here are a few examples:

Harrods Gift Wrap A Helicopter. Luxury department store Harrods used over 600 metres of paper to gift wrap a helicopter. The chopperwas sent to a Harrods customer as a gift to take his partner on a trip of a lifetime. The wrapping was caught on camera to help promote the launch of the ‘Anything Is Possible’ season.

That Dress. Unknown model Liz Hurley arrives at her boyfriend’s Four Weddings And A Funeral premiere in a Versace dress adorned with safety pins. The next day she was the most famous person in Britain.

BA Can’t get it Up. Virgin Airlines took a swipe at the late-running, British Airways sponsored Millennium Wheel project by flying a blimp over the site – carrying the message ‘BA Can’t Get It Up’.

It’s A Wrap. The most accident-prone street in Britain was given the ultimate safety blanket – 1,500 sq metres of bubble wrap. Cars, gates, lamp posts and even garden gnomes were wrapped to highlight the dangers of winter driving. According to a car insurance comparison website,, homes in Somerville Road, Worcester, generate the highest number of accident claims in the whole of the UK. The stunt took eight men more than 12 hours to complete.

insurance company PR stunt

Cannes Bee Movie launch. At the Cannes Film Festival in 2007, Jerry Seinfeld climbed to the top of the iconic eight storey Carlton Hotel, dressed in a giant bee costume. Thirty minutes later, arms and legs flailing, he zoomed down a 126 meter wire which took him across a four lane road, to the beach pier below where the press pack of international media were assembled. For more Cannes stunts click here.




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