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My first week of 2011 in FILMS

Posted on: January 7, 2011

Youth in Revolt – Parody of teenage drama – wanna be comedy/ I didn’t laugh (maybe I’m getting to old for this) – 2/5 – is Michael Cera desperate to act like Jesse Einsberg?

Marry and Max – adorable, animated, deep sadness – such a perfect portrait of today’s society – 5/5!!! – real story

Never Let Me Go – this one deserves a full review but deadlines are killing me so I’ll resume to “heartbreaking, mind-blowing and completely frustrating for the normal and simple human being who simply can’t understand what life is for… ” – 4/5 – a bit disappointed about Keira’s performance  – little girl who plays Carey’s young character looks amazingly like her!!!!

Catfish – as with Mary and Max, the beginning of the film might put you off, but believe me, you WANT to watch this, especially if you are a social-media freak as I am – frighting, intriguing, extremely sad and such a wise story which can give anyone some really valuable lessons – I think the thing that keeps you stuck to the screen is the curiosity if this is actually TRUE! Can’t answer that question, but this is definitely how the makers packaged and sold the film – 4/5 – real people playing themselves, it is a documentary after all…

Whip it! – I was actually looking forward to this film – not happy – not impressed – quite disappointed of Drew Barrymore as actress and director, thank God for Ellen Page’s brilliance – 2/5


2 Responses to "My first week of 2011 in FILMS"

I was hoping to buy Whip It.. is it not worth the money? I was on the fence about it, but thought Ellen Page would make it good 🙂 Nice line up, v. helpful!

Page is everything… but not enough… The film is so predictable and static…

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