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True Grit – the wild wild West gone wilder

Posted on: January 16, 2011

5 reasons to Love it:

Coen Brothers (doh!) You never know what to expect form them… It can be amazing, it can be weird, it can be funny or it can be heartbreaking. And this expectation is what makes them brilliant!

Jeff Bridges (double doh!) Since Crazy Heart I started to absolutely love this man and his acting! The hard part in this film is to actually understand what he is saying… and that makes him perfect for the role!

Hailee Steinfeld (who?) Amazing actress! She’s really beyond words! I couldn’t believe she is only 14!!!! Her character is crucial to this production and she is actually a lot better than her “Oscar awarded” partners!

True Grit the original – The 1969 version which brought and Oscar for John Wayne.

The West – Since Doctor Quinn Medicine Women, I have a guilty pleasure for anything Western… I love the little wooden houses, the dust, the horses, the wilderness.

And one to hate it:

The ending – too sudden, too thin, too bad! The encounter between Mattie and Chaney just didn’t give the story enough strength! But maybe it’s another Coen thing which I missed…

P.S. Loved the OST and fell in love with Johnny Cash’s God’s Gonna Cut You Down!!!





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