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What news is good news?

Posted on: January 25, 2011

In one of my modules this semester we had a look at a chapter by Aeron Davis regarding the relation between news production and PR. The debate was wether the influence PRs have on the news agenda is too big for a democratic society or if it is actually perfectly balanced as more and more small organisations (especially from the voluntary sector) can finally have their say due to the PR support they get.

Davis states that four resources are key in the PR to news piece process: economic capital (obviously they need to afford PR support in the first place), media capital (referring to the status of both media and source in society), human resources and media-source affinity which is influenced firstly by bureaucratic considerations (such as organisational structure or many other business related terms) and newsworthiness. The level of impact of each of them is quite different and it is actually this difference that sometimes leads to accusations of spin or corrupt journalism.

Newsworthiness in press releases is actually what I wanted to get to as I just found this from The

The type of stories people most like to follow (Q4 2010)

1 Stories about topics impacting my family and life 33%
2 Stories that make me stop and think about an issue 27%
3 News about where I live 26%
4 Stories that make me laugh 19%
5 Uplifting news 16%
6 Stories that strike up conversations at home or at work 11%
7 News about the recession 10%
8 Sound economic forecasts 8%
9 Shock headlines 7%
10 Surveys about what people think 6%







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