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A few February films

Posted on: February 24, 2011

It’s been a while since I talked about films here, so I thought about updating you on some titles I watched over the past weeks…

First of all, The Fighter – I finally got to see it (I know, quite late) and I have to say I got what all the fuss about Bale’s performance as a supporting actor was all about (although it seemed more than just “supporting” to me). These parts (Machinist style) fit him amazingly well and it seems like the Batman is just a weekend fun. Also, as we’re talking performance, the women in the film were brilliant. I really didn’t think Adams had it in her and Melissa Leo can easily get the Oscar for world’s worst mother (competing with another which I’ll mention further on)! Mark Wahlberg was just…Mark Wahlberg. This is where I think the film could’ve gotten a bit better. Anyway in terms of the story, the plot is quite simple and based on a true story of a world champion boxer and his drug addict brother. Many criticised the “real” people appearing at the end, but I think that gives the film a more realistic touch pushing it towards the documentary side. And it also proves that Bales’ performance was not over the top and actually perfectly accurate as you can easily see teh relationship between the brothers and both their personalities. Directing and Cinematography seemed so British to me 🙂 Warm colours and reality push again.


The Animal Kingdom – I have to say I was quite surprised by all the promotional efforts with this film. The UK marketing for this Australian production, winner of Sundance 2010 is overwhelming compared to others coming from the same area. However, I have to admit that despite all the posters, trailers and pushes I’ve seen, I don’t think I would’ve picked it for a night at the cinema. A gangster film in Australia didn’t seem right for some reason. And I am still not 100% convinced by it. I absolutely loved Jacki Weaver’s character (and yes, she is the other candidate for world’s worst mummy) and the overall idea of the plot, but in some parts is seemed way too slow. In some way I found that as being “very Australian” with time running slowly and absurdly, but all the family ties and the nicely packed violence only managed to turn it into a decent action movie trying to show a different side of the gangster genre.

And one very different, but still worth mentioning: Kolya. A 1996 Czech production following the life of a cellist, confirmed bachelor in the Communist era who finds himself with a little gift after an arranged marriage – a baby boy. I found it very sensible and touching and I definitely think the kid’s performance was the best child-acting I’ve ever seen! He was brilliant!




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