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Phantom of the Opera – experiencing popular culture?

Posted on: November 3, 2011

I have been struggling to finish this post for 2 weeks now and I had a billion things to cover in it, but WordPress suddenly decided I forgot about it and it magically vanished from my saved posts. As I can’t possibly rewrite everything, I’ll just go to the point:

A few weeks ago I went to see the famous Phantom of the Opera. I chose it because it’s everybody’s “must-see” musical in London and people come from all over the world for it. It was a nice experience though flashy, shiny, sparkling in your face type of message with a stunning setting which constantly transformed the stage. I hated the number of toursits (more than 90%) who had packed noodles during the interval, the ladies who sang all the songs with the performers and ruined it for me, the very expensive ticket and the simplicity of the plot. So, keeping in mind the “institution” (the musical has been playing in the same theatre for 25years, everyday and it is known as Andrew Lloyd Weber’s masterpiece), to audience (noisy, curious and annoying bunch of people) to the show itself, here are some of the questions I was trying to answer in the long post:

1. How do musicals end up representing a city? What makes them landmarks of London? 

2. Are musicals really good examples of pop culture?

3. Is it the music factor (quite pop songs) that makes them more accesible? (compared to theatre and opera)

I’m not going to try to answer all of these again but as a Creative Industries student, I thought they would be a good start for some debates…

Any comments would be really appreciated!


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