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I am the kind of person who dreads any kind of adrenaline rush, but ends up doing all kinds of crazy stuff just to prove  my coolness. Snowboarding, formula 1 driving, high altitude jumps etc… I know, sounds pitiful, but in the end I am the one who honestly feels it was a piece of cake while my brave friends pee their pants. And roller-coasters are on my “OMG” list.

We people are really masochistic. We spend a lot of money to go to some theme park in the middle on nowhere, then we waste an hour in the cue for some super-thrilling ride watching how it spins and kills above our heads and trying to find a good reason for being there. Then we jump on, we heard the 4,3,2,1 and take a deep breath. That is the crucial moment as there is no way back! And then it’s all over before you know it as the super-speed coaster is nothing but a 15 second joke.

Two days ago I went to Alton Towers. It was just crazy! We managed to squeeze about 7 rides despite the huuuge cues. The longest was 1hour and 15minutes… A bit more about the coasters here.

In my opinion the best one, and the only one that managed to make my heart go slower for a few seconds, was the Oblivion. It’s not a twisting-turning thing, but it has an accelerated vertical fall which stops your breath. It is so spooky as it goes a lot underground and people just disappear screaming. It took a lot of inner talk and convincing to calm myself before boarding, but as soon as it was over I was quite disappointed as it is waaay too short!


More here 🙂

I took a Sunday walk around the city today as I am working on my Lozells Quest project. These are a few snapshots of the city in time of siesta…

Oh yeah, and today Aston Villa played against Blackburn Rovers and we got to Aston train station just as the crowd was heading for the field… so we joined in and grabbed a burger on our way 🙂

These petals come from the beautiful pink flowered-trees that bloomed all over Birmingham in the past week… the smell is awesome!!!

And the funny little house down on Lozells Rd.

After 7 days it still is on the front pages of all the world’s newspapers. It led to unbelievable chaos, dreadful loses, stress and tears. It showed us once again that mother nature can just push and pull us around as she wishes and we can’t do a thing about it.

Now, I’m not just going for the volcano topic because it’s hot news but because I was one of the lucky/unlucky ones to be stranded abroad… actually it happened as I transferred in Amsterdam (not really sure why the staff in Bucharest didn’t stop us from boarding the flight as UK’s airspace was already close when we left Otopeni airport – this was the unlucky part). So, I got off the plane and was given the great news: you’re stuck here till further notice.

Now, the lucky part was that I managed to book the boat from The Hook of Holland to Harwich just in time and managed to get to Birmingham with only a 50 hours delay…But the short adventure is priceless!

With an afternoon and a night to spend in one of the craziest cities in Europe, we went for what should have been a very chic hotel near the Amsterdam Central station (The Victoria theoretically is 4*… practically I won’t give it more than 2*). No luggage, no stress so out we went… Walk around the so familiar streets, memories from cafes and cozy restaurants, the bench on the canal where a few years ago I took one of the greatest shots ever (b&w couple with a kiss), the I AMSTERDAM ‘statue’, a glance at Vermeer in Rijksmuseum, the lattes (which are absolutely amazing in the Netherlands), the parks, dinner at Fifteen (delicious as usual… actually even a bit better than the London one), skipped the canal cruise, cursed the crazy bikers and finally had a peek into the Red Light (which is getting smaller each year).

I don’t know if I would be wrong to give this city a New Sincerity approach. It’s just so straight with it’s visitors… no irony, no hidden feelings. It’s all out there to be picked by the right personality.

It’s funny cause in our last Media Culture lecture we talked about cities and our lecturer was actually very disappointed of Amsterdam… he said it was London with a vulgar part. No! Amsterdam can be whatever YOU want it to be… and if not, try The Hook of Holland – the only town I know with music on the streets (Tom Jones was on the house – literally).

Anyway… Amsterdam’s charm is in the details:

My Manchester sightseeing was not a complete failure as I finally had time to examine the world of the UK umbrellas, such an important, intimate and loved item, or should I say accessory?

The purple and yellow combination for success

Now this is one of my favourite colour schemes and I can bet that this rainy day outfit was very well planned… the question is who came first: the coat or the umbrella? Also, I wonder if this posh white spotted glam accessory likes shopping in Boots or inhaling all the smoke from that cigarette…

Fact – dreams of becoming a famous designer…

Funnily enough I found it online if anyone interested J


How can someone imagine they can hide while massively shopping the urban jungle? Fashion can’t really be the passion for this all-black, on the run lady so my guess is: picked umbrella from the pile and head for the city buzz.

Fact – ex-secret agent longing for the action packed days

Umbrellas for two

Now these are my favourite. This umbrella was shopping for rings… 20 minutes (or half my caramel macchiato), it stayed in front of that window suggesting diamonds, white or yellow gold to its owners. I think it definitely supported the masculine ideas in the plan as by the looks of it (wrinkled, black, small) it must be man-chosen.

Fact – wedding in 3 months at a castle in Scotland, kids in 12


I had my theory on this one… It’s one of those two-for-one items, make it small if you travel alone or double the fun when sharing or heavy rain. But my engineer, sipping from his vanilla late, said the layers help fighting the wind… I have to admit defeat this time.

Fact – this umbrella was picked, tested and cautiously examined before purchase

Almost identical twins

Do you think these two know each other? If placed into a basket at the entrance to a restaurant, would the owners be able to identify theirs? Do they know the company they wear?

Fact – born in a factory in China, best friends, separated 2 days later, forgot each others name and didn’t say hello when meeting on a crowded street half a globe away 😦

Hide and seek

This one tried to trick me. Kept going up and down, left and right, almost flying but mummy got it in time…. Her story: present from a loving grandmother.

Fact – It reminds the owner, not of the grass and trees, but of some beautiful green eyes looking down to her on a Sunday morning while down with the flu.

Now this is what I call revolutionising

Dunlop knows its product placements… carry that all over town and you will definitely get some interest. Could have been picked from a car-show by an auto-maniac… what do you think?

Fact –Dunlop makes tires 🙂

Chamonix…. Mont Blanc… over 3800m

My favorite city in the world used to be Budapest, the capital of Hungary. Although so close to Romania and despite all the other amazing places I’ve been to (from Hawaii to South Africa and Russia), it felt like the place where I would want to settle down and raise my children :)It had it all for me: the history and the new, the buzz of a capital, the tourists and locals, the big river with the beautiful bridges, the food, the shopping and the green spaces… but last summer one other city managed to dazzle me and take Budapest s ‘number one place.

The trip to Barcelona was a birthday surprise for my 21st so from the start it meant a lot more than a sightseeing visit. Also, I love all about Spain and Spanish so I knew I would feel like home the moment we got off the plane. The heat, the smell of sea and salt, the colors and the music were absolutely fascinating. It’s something about the vibe that simply takes you in and you can do nothing to resist it. For a week we wondered the beautiful streets and gazed at the beautiful people.

We had all kinds of sea food and tapas (I strongly recommend the restaurant Fishop and Taller de Tapas for the delicious part of Barcelona), we visited some of the Gaudi places (if all the others are packed with tourists Guell Park is a must see no matter what) and we even had siestas on the beach in the warm breeze.

Some of my friends said they hated they Barcelona days, but for me it was like an energy pack. Their problem was that their company was completely wrong, this city is a place for pace, harmony and love 🙂 (I sound so hippie). So don’t visit it with a pack of shopaholics or a grumpy, tired boyfriend… pick somebody who won’t mind walking the whole day, sipping ice frappes and get his/her shoes dirty in the hot sand.

To end this, I’ll add some of my photos. I did them on B&W film with my Nikon and 50mm, 1.8… somebody said Barcelona should be photographed in color, but that’s exactly what I wanted to keep for myself, in my heart and memories, and hide from my viewers.

Park Guell – architecture and Gaudi

Tribidabo – fun, children and a bit of religion

The amazing guitars

The love, the sea and the sand

The history and the madness of the summer skies

…and an overall view.

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