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Last year I wrote a paper for one of my university modules on the Creative Industries in strict regimes, focusing on Communist Romania. It’s definitely not the best piece of writing, not necessarily a mind-blowing piece and for most Romanians things will probably sound very familiar. However, here, in the UK, it was received extremely well (and yes, I got a nice mark for it) as many of my tutors and colleagues found it quite informative and interesting. Also, the introductory part as well as my literature review could prove quite useful for anyone wanting to define creativity, understand what limits it or encourages it, as well as find out what are ‘the creative industries’ and why they should be praised.

Hope you enjoy reading it: Creative Industries in Communist Romania

P.S. I am more than happy to comment on anything on the topic! Let me know what you think!

P.P.S The poster is form the Communism Museum in Prague


Quick entry tonight… I’ve been studying creative cities for more than a year now (during my BA and now in my MA) and I thought it’s time I shared a few videos/podcasts on ‘cities’ that I found quite interesting. I’m working on an essay on the links between the experience economy and the creative city at the moment, so I’ve been listening and watching quite a few for the past weeks. These are just some starting points, mainly by the big names in the field such as Charles Landry, Richard Florida or Peter Hall. Let me know if you have some more!

Charles Landry


Sir Peter Hall

Phil Wood

Peter Kageyama

Be creative! (Yes, I am being sarcastic!)

P.S. In a future post I’ll comment on the number of “creative cities” or regions out there. Only last night I saw Scotland’s latest tourism add – The year of Creative Scotland. All this after ages of Creative Britain or Creative England… I wonder what Ireland is waiting for?

During my induction week at King’s College, back in September, we were given a short task in order to get used to the house style of writing essays. The question is very broad and there are a billion ways of approaching it, but apparently I did quite a good job so I thought about sharing my answer with the world. As this is my first essay in a long time (my BA was mainly fcused on research reports and media/PR portfolios) any feedback will be truly appreciated!

What is the value of culture?

In your answer you should clearly outline:

i) what you mean by ‘culture’;

ii) from whose (or which) perspective(s) you are primarily answering the question;

iii) relevant arguments or debates concerning the nature of ‘value’ and ‘valuing’; and

iv) what makes your approach to the question a valid response?

“In a time of global recession, international public spheres, virtual realities and online societies, defining “culture”, already famous for being “one of the two or three most complicated words in the English language” (Williams, 1983:87), and especially determining its “value” seems to still be creating many difficulties. This not only concerns scholars and practitioners but especially policy makers, who, above all, must govern the public funds which are directed towards this unknown “concept”. Although the tendencies of the moment are either to avoid the term by any means (Lewis, 1990) or simply assume that its definition is common sense for those involved in the conversation, “it is difficult to deal seriously with the subject of art (or culture) without saying what you mean by it” (Lewis, 1990:3). As “culture” is one of those “concepts (…) that we simply cannot do without, because it is used everywhere” (Willis, 2008:xxi), in my attempt of referring to the controversies around its “value” I will start by analysing previous research and discussions around the term itself in order to reach a definition that could be applicable in the field of public policy and funding.” 

Click here for the rest of it: The Value of Culture

I’ve been terribly bad with posting lately, but I am trying to work on a million things in the same time and it sometimes doesn’t go as I want.

Just for a quick update on my what I’ve been up to… my website is now live: 🙂 It basically shows my work as a freelance PR professional and it will be updated as I complete campaigns and projects.

The main idea behind Creating the Creatives is free PR and Advertising support for small, independent artists (film, music or any other kind) as well as production companies. I must say that when I started this project I thought I couldn’t possibly be getting any work, but as I progressed, I couldn’t find enough time to deal with all my “clients” as many asked me to help them. I am really sorry I said NO to a few and for others that I still didn’t have a chance to start the work. However, as I finish what I planned I will be able to take on more work.

So… if you are an artist trying to make it, or know somebody in need of PR support, just contact me 🙂

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