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To my shame, I only found out about The Departure Lounge yesterday, although I’ve been in Birmingham for almost two years now. Basically, it is a film event that runs at the MAC, in Birmingham, every two months, and it presents productions by British filmmakers.

With many UK films not able to secure distribution, let alone a screening in a cinema, the Departure Lounge fills that very real need for both film maker and audience – providing a showing on the big screen, and giving the audience the opportunity to fire questions at the director, writer and/or producer.

So, tonight I went to the lovely MAC cinema for the first time and watched EDGE, Carol Morley’s debut feature film… To be honest, I really didn’t have a lot of time to research either the production or the cast and crew, but in the end I kind of wanted to be surprised… and I was!

Strange encounters at the Cliff Edge Hotel- where death is never far away. (via Edge Facebook Page)

I expected a typical dark, tragic, sad story (due to the title and the still on the MAC website), but the film was actually incredibly optimistic and most of all full of life. You’d probably think I’ve gone a bit mad if you’d see the first scenes and feel the suicidal and macabre atmosphere, but from the first minute you realise there has to be a lot more than this. In terms of story, here is a brief, teasing synopsis from their website:

Washed-up pop star (PAUL HILTON) arrives at the Cliff Edge Hotel looking for inspiration and meets a guilt-ridden woman (MAXINE PEAKE), who is desperate to recover her past. An older woman (MARJORIE YATES) checks into a room with dark intent, but encounters a chambermaid (ANIA WENDZIKOWSKA) who refuses to leave her alone. A blind date set up on the Internet between two teenagers (JOE DEMPSIE, NICHOLA BURLEY) fails to turn out like either of them expected. Over the course of two days and one night the hotel guests, frozen into the snowy landscape, begin to thaw – and to find a purpose that connects them all.

The plot, however, is not the main character here, and to be honest I couldn’t possibly say what was more captivating: story, location, cinematography, performance (AMAZING!) or even the un-welcomed guest – the snow who became part of the cast from the first second (director and producer confessed that it was definitely not in the script or even in their wildest dreams, as it hadn’t snowed there in 40 years!). The entire film is based around and in a hotel on the edge of beautiful and frightening limescale cliffs (still don’t know where exactly they are) and all the outdoor shots are breathtaking! The most intriguing thing is that although the water and the 20m (or more?) high and steep shore can look terrifying in the winter light, I never felt the fear due to the beautifully crafted relationship between the characters.

Anyway, the last thing I’m telling you is that both the colourful Carol Morley who directed the film and the professional Cairo Cannon who was the producer, were absolutely charming tonight and answered our questions with so much enthusiasm! I am really happy I managed to get to the event as not only I enjoyed a wonderful production, but learned so much from the two women who did a wonderful job with such a micro-budget! It’s worth mentioning that it was on the official list of the BFI last year!

Edge will be screening around the UK soon… check the website to get your tickets!


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